Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Think Christmas Day Two

This has been a wonderful blog hop.  I have really enjoyed seeing what everyone is making and all the creativity that's going on.  I'm loving it and I hope you are enjoying it too.  I have gotten so so many sweet comments from everyone  and a fellow blogger sent me an email yesterday asking if it was ok for her to repost my Santa on her blog. Is it ok?  You bet. I was so excited to hear from her too. I used to read Quilt magagine (I still read it, that sounds like I stopped) and she was one of the people I would read everytime...Her name is Debby Kratovil and she was the Special Projects Editor for that magazine for many years.  I still have alot of the magazines and I had to pull those out last night and look at them....  She is the author of  the Quilter's Block a Day calendar and of course, I see the calendar every day . I have even used and made many of the blocks over the years. I had it in my picture right by my Santa to show that it was July 30th. I even took a close up of the calender but it was blurry so I didn't post it. I've had it forever and love it since it is a perpetual calendar.  She noticed the calendar in the pic and contacted me. She is so sweet and was so nice about me having her calendar in the picture. I was thrilled to hear from her. Anyway, Debby has a great website and has just recently started blogging. Here's a link to Debbie's blog... She has free patterns on her blog and good tips.  If you get a chance go check her blog out...

Monday, July 30, 2012

Think Christmas Blog Hop continues....

This has been a wonderful day for me. I am overwhelmed by the response my little block and quilt have had.  Thank you so much!  It has been fun reading all of your sweet comments.

 I am trying to respond to everyone to let you know you are entered in my drawing.  If you don't receive a response from me in the next few days, that means your email is set to no reply and I can't get in touch with you.  If I can't get in touch with you, then I can't tell you that you've won my giveaway, now can I?  I have had several comments that were no reply but they gave me their email addresses and that was great. So far, I have had at least two people that I could not contact because of this problem.  If you are one of these, please re-comment with your email address and you can be entered for the giveaway.  Thank you everyone....I have seen some great blocks today and I'm thoroughly enjoying this wonderful blog hop. I have made some new friends too.  How fun is that??

I have already seen so many things I want to make. I can only imagine how long my list will be by the end of the hop! Oh my!  But, isn't it fun? Thank you Madame Samm and Lesley, the Cuddle Quilter for cheering us on and getting us in gear for this fun time.  I'm ready to see what our blog friends have for us tomorrow.

Think Christmas!

Hello...or should I say HO, HO, HO! It's time for Think Christmas! I'm ready to show you what I've been working on and I'm excited that you're here. This has been alot of fun and I've enjoyed getting things ready to show you. I love Christmas, so I decided to participate in the hop. I enjoyed the last Red, White and Blue Hop through Madame Sam but I didn't participate. I just enjoyed. I saw alot of blocks I want to make and those will be forthcoming. This hop is red, white and green and focuses on all things Christmas, my favorite holiday. I am not the only one showing blocks off today, there are several others and at the end of this post, you will see a list of the other bloggers participating. Of course, you can hop on over to Madame Sam's blog and she will be posting all of them to Pinterest so you can see them all over there. But, to see the tutorials and participate in the drawings, I think you need to go to them individually and leave your comments. I will be having a drawing and I welcome your comments. Thank you, Madame Samm for being our cheerleader and for Lesley, the Cuddle Quilter for hosting this and motivating us and keeping us in line along the way. I'm glad you have come to my blog and I hope you enjoy seeing what I've done. Ok, I've rambled enough, now I'll show you what you've come to see...enjoy the hop!
Here's my Christmas corner!

I finished this Santa wallhanging for this blog hop. It's been a UFO since 2003...at least that's the date on the handout that I had!  I should be ashamed, right?  Well, I am kinda.  I'm so excited it's finished and I  love it and wish I had finished it a long time ago but my grandkids will love seeing it this Chrismas!

I love the little hangers that you can display your blocks with.  I fell in love with those after seeing all the previous hops, so I went out and bought me two of them...I love them.  I was going to have another block to display with Santa but I didn't plan well enough, I ran out of time....
So, here's my Santa Face block.  I got this block from Marcia Hohn's amazing site, The Quilter's Cache. Click here for the instructions to the Santa Face block. I used her pattern and loved it.  I made a few modifications to it to make it easier for me and I'll show you those in my little tutorial...

If you'll look close to the right under the tree, I have a present for you.  I'll show you a close up further down. 

Pick your fabric and print your pattern

I picked two different white on white colors. One for his hair and one for the cap cuff.

This pattern is easy and once you print it out, you can follow along.  Due to copyright issues, I cannot put it on here but you can follow the link above to print it out.  I'm not going to show you all of the steps because they are so basic. I'm going to show you the steps I took that helped me with this pattern. 

The biggest problem I had with this pattern was the cuff of the hat, the hat itself and the background.  Her instructions are on page 2.  I cut the 3 7/8" squares as indicated. Her instructions said to take one of the Color 4 triangles (white cuff) and measue it up one right angle side from the bottom and mark at the 2" line. I did that.  Then take one of the color 2 (red) triangle, lay it facing in the same direction, measure this one from the top and cut off 2". Sew the red top on the white bottom. This is the piece you may have to finagle a bit.  Her words not mine...I never could get this part to work so this is what I did....

I took a white triangle and measured up 2" from the bottom and cut it off. I took a red square of fabric with a straight edge and sewed it to where my cut off piece was.  I did this for both sides. 

Then I laid my background triangle on the red and white piece I just made and used it to cut my triangle to match....(This was a 3 7/8" square cut on the diagonal.)

Yeah, I know you should get accurate measurements and use the ruler and give you a certain measurement to go by, but this is what works for me....

I pressed toward the blue background and attached to the each side.

That is the hardest piece in this block.  By doing this, mine matched up perfectly. 

The next thing I did was make his mustache. I didn't want to just use Steam A Seam or Wonder Under, I wanted his mustache to have some dimension. So, I drew a mustache like I wanted.

I put two pieces of white fabric together, right sides together and sewed all the way around.

I took off the paper, then made a small cross slit  (don't make it too big) in the back of one. 

I used a bodkin and straw to turn it out. I found this tip out from Eleanor Burns years ago when I took a class from her on her dimensional applique.
It's hard to tell what I'm doing but you insert the straw into the slit of your fabric, put your bodkin in the fabric on the outside and push into the straw.  It will help you turn your fabric inside out easier.  

Do both ends of the mustache and straighten out the curves and press it.  Then get some left over batting and cut it the same shape as your mustache and use your forceps to insert the batting into the slit.

Work with it a little bit to straighten the batting out.  There is no need to sew the slit up as it will be on the back. 

Then, I decided to do a yo yo for the nose. Use your large yo yo maker or just make a yo yo or use a large button for the nose. I put a little bit of stuffing in his nose to give it a little more dimesion.

I closed up the nose and sewed both the nose and mustache on at the same time.  Then, I sewed my buttons on. I put my backing and batting on and quilted it.  If I make this block again, I will quilt it first, then sew on my buttons, nose and mustache.  I was in a hurry and thought this would save time.
Anyway, here's the Santa Face block and I hope you like it and make one for your little ones to enjoy...
Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you could follow this little tutorial and make one.  I am having a drawing so please leave me a comment to be entered in the drawing. 
I'm giving away 6 Christmas fat quarters and a wonderful Christmas book from Janet Kime.  This book is for all you dog and cat lovers and is a great book.  The drawing is open until August 5th.
Now, as I said earlier, there are several other bloggers showing blocks today too, and here is a list for you to visit them too.  I hope you enjoy the Think Christmas blog hop and come back and see me soon.  Merry Christmas!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm excited about Christmas! Think Christmas!

Nervous? Yep. Excited? You betcha! This feeling that I'm having reminds me of when I was a kid waiting for Santa Claus. I love it...It's brought back some great memories. Tomorrow is the day. You say, the day for what? I'll tell you what... A Christmas Blog Hop. Yes, that's right, Christmas. You see, it's time for the Think Christmas blog hop and my day is tomorrow!!! Oh my! The first day! I've been sewing like crazy trying to get ready for it. My block is ready and waiting for you to see and I'll show you how I did it my way. I've even finished a UFO in honor of Think Christmas. I didn't plan on it when I started . I just thought I'd do a block and show you how I did the block but as I was working on the block, I thought about this little quilt needing to be finished and I pulled it out and started quilting on it and I'll be finishing it just in the "nick" of time. (Ho, ho, ho!) I have several other Christmas UFO's that need to be finished but I can't have them finished in time for Think Christmas, but I'll be working on those soon. I have some other things after this with deadlines. Deadlines, you know how they are. I like them but I don't. I like them because it motivates me to get things done but I don't like them because I can't do all that I wanted in the time allowed. Oh well, we suffer for our craft, huh? I love Christmas and like working on it all year through. I like Red, White, Green and like Red, White and Blue too. I'm so glad the quilt stores accomodate us quilters by keeping Christmas fabric (and patriotic fabric) on hand all year long. Anyway, please come back tomorrow and you'll see what I've been working on for "Think Christmas". Until then, enjoy your day and go sew!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Christmas in July, yes, let's Think Christmas!

I worked on my Think Christmas projects last night. I'm getting it together and will be showing you on the 30th what all I've been up to. I'm getting nervous and excited too to show you. There are so many bloggers involved in this Blog Hop, it will be fun to see what everyone is and has been working on. I really like what I am doing and hope you will like it too.

Working on these projects has really gotten me in the mood for Christmas. I have boxes in my closet now and as I make things or buy things, I've started putting them in the boxes for Christmas presents. Maybe this year, I won't have to go crazy and shop at the last minute or stay up sewing all night Christmas eve. Anyway, it's hot here but I'm still thinking Christmas! Ho, ho, ho! Now, tomorrow, I'll be thinking Mary Poppins, Voldemort and sports! I can't wait to see the opening to the Olympics tomorrow night!

Tonight, I'm going to the local quilt store for a trunk show and demo on long arm quilting. Sally from Gracie Frames will be the one doing the demo. It will be fun to see her in person. I've seen her on videos and in ads for years. If I can and they let me, I'll take some pics. Til tomorrow, happy sewing!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas in July...Sentiments

The first things that come to my mind about July is fireworks, hot weather, my kids birthdays and Christmas.  Well, I've done the fireworks, we are having the hot weather, kids birthday, yep, that's done too. Now it's down to the Christmas part. Christmas, yep, that's right, Christmas.  I've always thought of Christmas in July. I guess it all goes back to when I was a kid and they always had Christmas in July sales. Now is no different.  Everywhere I turn.  I see Christmas in July sale.  I get emails about it too...Well, I'm going to be participating in a Christmas in July celebration and my day is July 30th. I'm getting ready for it now. So, please drop by on that day and see what I've got going....There is a blog hop celebration starting on that day and I am one of the many (almost one hundred bloggers are participating) getting ready for it.  I'm so excited! You'll see the blue button on the right hand side of my blog that says Think Christmas. Just click on it when it starts and it will take you to Madame Sam's blog and she will be putting everybody's stuff on pinterest every day.
Come back and see what I'm doing....

During the meantime, I went to the local quilt store to buy some fabric to bind a quilt. I found out they are having a Christmas in July celebration too.   They are having all kinds of things going on this week. I'm going Thursday night to see a Trunk show and demo on Long Arm quilting.  I can't wait to see what they have to show.  While I was there, they asked me to sew up a quilt for them.  I couldn't say no, the quilt is so pretty.

I cut it out Sunday afternoon and started sewing on it. I sewed on it a little yesterday too.  I took the day off today so I could stay home and finish it.  (I have plenty of vacation time.).  I wanted to get it done asap so they could show it during their celebration.  I was able to finish it today.... This quilt was fun to work on. The fabric feels so good and I love the reds in this line.  This fabric was designed by 3Sisters for Moda and is called Sentiments.
They wrote the pattern to go with their line of fabric too. 

The middle part is a panel you fussy cut the post cards from. Then put some of the lovely Christmas fabric around  them to hi-lite them. 

Here's a close-up of some of the fabrics.

So pretty, the pics don't do it justice. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Family time and tatting.

Wow, I need to stop time so I can catch up!  It was a very busy weekend and I got a little bit done but most of the time was spent with family.  Friday night and Saturday I kept my youngest grandbaby so I didn't get any sewing time in.  I took her with me Saturday over to my #1 son's house to help pack.  They have bought another house and are starting to move this weekend.  They can't officially move in until Monday when they close on the new house but the sellers have agreed to let them move their stuff into the garage starting Saturday.  The house they are selling has to be cleared out by Monday so the new buyers can move in.  It's a lot different now since we bought our house 20 years ago.  Anyway, this week will involve helping the kids move.  Saturday night I had both boys and their families over for my #2 son's birthday and his fiance's birthday too.  Her birthday was Friday and his is not until the 28th but with the moving and everything going on, we decided to celebrate early.  It's not like we have a party anyway, my boys are grown. But, we gotta have cake and ice cream, right?!   After everyone left, the hubs and I watched a little TV and got to tat a little bit.  I made some more earrings.  These are so simple to make and go so fast.  I made one of them Saturday night while watching TV.  I finished the other one Sunday afternoon and made another little pair too.  Here's the pair I made. It's the same pattern as last week.  This pattern is so quick and easy and fun to do.  I just love this color...This was made with Lizbeth size 20 thread.

Here's the other pair I made Sunday evening.  In our Tatting group, we like to use up bits and pieces of thread on the shuttle.  I made a little tabletopper out of left over threads. Nancy is currently working on a piece that this little pattern came from.  She is also making a tabletopper but hers is made using this pattern.  I've been kidding her about this one.   It's easy to remember this little pattern.  I have teased her about it and called it Damien because it uses a 666 pattern....For those of you that are old enough, you might remember back in the late '70's, the movie, the Omen. The little boy in it was named Damien.  Anyway, it's kind of a standing joke with us and it made it easy for me to remember the pattern...

I'm calling this pair: Dear Damien

Here's the pattern if you want it...
It takes 30" of thread wound on the bobbin, don't cut your thread from the ball. I put 5 beads on the ball thread before I wound my shuttle and placed them where they were called for in the pattern from the ball thread.  You can put them on the shuttle if you want to but since the bead is on the chain, the bead shows up better if used from the ball thread.  I tried it from the shuttle and didn't like it as well.  Just so you know....

Put  5 seed beads onto your ball thread.  Push them down and  pull out approximately 30" of thread and wind your shuttle. 

R6-6 cl,RW (this first picot needs to be a good size because all of the rings will be joined into this...)
Chain 6 B 6 RW  (B means bead. After bead is in place, work 2nd stitch (to lock it in place), then do your 6 stitches as normal.  I like to lock the bead like this as I think it looks better. If you want to leave this step out, it's ok too....
Continue in this pattern until you have 6 rings. The last chain, is ch6 - 6. Join in base of first ring and cut and tie. I do not put a bead in this picot space but you can if you want to.  Add the earring finding that you prefer and you have a cute earring to keep or give to someone. These are quick and easy.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Block exchanges, tatting, knitting and a little wallhanging.

I did a little bit of sewing on Sunday afternoon.  This week is my small group meeting and I wasn't ready for it.  I'm in two exchanges in this group and I had to get ready.  So, even though I wasn't really "in the mood" to sew, I had to suck it up and do it anyway.  So, I did. I made my 40 nine patches for my 9 Patch exchange and I started working on the other 5 blocks I needed for the other exchange.   Here's the 9 patches I did Sunday.

I finished my tatted earrings and my knitted scarf too.  The top earrings have seed beads on them. The little owl earrings have seed beads for the eyes.  I found the metal owls at Hobby Lobby and made earrings out of them too.  The other metal owl I found at Walmart and I'll just make a necklace out of him.  I like owls...can you tell? 

Here's a close-up of the earrings with the seed beads.

Here's the knitted scarf I finished.   It's made from Premier Starbella thread.  It was fun and easy to make. I have some gray/black/white to knit up too.  This one is a gift and the other one is for me.

Tonight, I finished the other 5 blocks I started on Sunday afternoon.  These are all made from Civil War fabric and we are about half-way through with the exchange.  This is going to be a great quilt.

This last picture is for Lesley, the Cuddle Quilter.  I told her I had made a small quilt out of the maple leaf blocks and had done it the same setting as she had done...I made this a few years ago and  enjoy this little wallhanging every time I see it. I had put it away and had to hunt for it to take the pic.  Now that I have it out, I'll put it up on the wall and enjoy it for awhile.

I hope you have a great week and get some creating time in.  til next time, happy sewing.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

This has been a blah week.

Have you ever been burnt out?  I guess that's what I am. Everything I start to do ends up with something wrong. I haven't been in the mood to sew. I just wanted to watch TV and go to bed.  I am knitting again and tatting too but haven't finished anything to show you.  I'm working on a scarf and tatting some earrings and I'll show you both when they get finished.  I went to tatting on Tuesday and was almost finished with my earring that night.  I haven't picked it up again yet.  Like I said, it's been a blah week.  I don't know if it's the heat or I'm just being lazy but I hope this passes quickly.  

On a happier note, I have been enjoying the Red, White and Blue blog hop that Madame Samm has going on.  There has been so many wonderful blocks and quilts and projects to look at.  I have really gotten some good ideas from this to finish a red white and blue quilt. I have about 17 blocks done on it but needed a few more and thanks to the blog hop, I have found some good ones to finish it with.  You'll be seeing it soon. 

I hope everyone is having a good week and you get to sew or create this week.

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