Monday, June 23, 2008

Friendship Star Quilt

Here is a picture of the quilt my small group is doing. You remember I told you about an exchange we had last week. We exchanged floral fabrics, 16 people exchanged 4 fabrics in each bag. You end up with 64 different fabrics. (You only need 63 fabrics.) You make 31 stars and 32 Chain Blocks...Should go fairly quickly. Til next time....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Orange Crush Pictures

Here's my orange crush all laid out. I wasn't sure if I would like it but I really do. I finished step 5 tonight and have started sewing them together. My youngest son loves this quilt, so I guess it will be his...I'm going to be working on this tomorrow afternoon. I might add a small 1 1/2" orange strip around for an inner border then either the blue or green or black. Josh said he would put black. I will audition these colors and decide tomorrow...Hmm, we'll see...til next time

Quilt Drawing

Go on over and check out Megan's blog at Growing Notes, she has reached 100K visitors to her blog and is having a giveaway to celebrate. Cute little quilt she is giving away. Go make a comment. Friday is the last day, hurry over there!

Small Friendship Group Meeting, Another Project and Quilt Show

Last night, I went to my small group meeting. I call it small as it is one of about 14 or 15 friendship groups that are part of the Dallas Quilt Guild. I have been going to this group since 1992 and I have learned so much from these ladies. We have ummmm, about 40 women in our group. The group is made up of absolute beginners to blue ribbon winners. We have a wide range of talent in our group. It is so much fun to be around these ladies. We met at one of the quilt shops in our area last night. We normally meet at a church during the year, but summer months we get to meet at LQS's to shop and get demos from those shops. We have demos or programs every month in our meeting but not shopping. This is a bonus. Last night we swapped floral fabrics. 16 of us swapped fabrics. Each person had to put 4 pieces of different floral fabrics in 16 bags. We then exchanged the bags. We will be making friendships stars and an alternate block that is the single irish chain block. The quilt is very sweet looking and should be pretty quick and easy to do. Another project, but this one should not take too long to do. It has quick sewing shortcuts. I will take pictures and post these when I do them. It won't be this weekend as I already have too many things to do. One of those is going to a quilt show in Mesquite, Tx. Mesquite is a suburb of Dallas and the Mesquite Guild has a show each year. Small guild and small show but some very lovely quilts and some great quilters! The show doesn't have alot of vendors this year because it is the same weekend as Martha Pullen. Believe me, she be pullen the vendors away for that one! I will take some pics and post them of the quilts in the show. Got to go for now, til next time....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Long Arm Class

I took a beginning Long Arm class tonight. It was very imformative and made me realize how much work goes into quilting a quilt. This class just covered the basic information. It opened my eyes to the fact about how much time it takes just to load a quilt onto the frame to get it ready to quilt. I can understand more now why so many Long Arm quilters put a minimum charge on small quilts. Just as much work to load a small quilt as there is to load a big one. Fun class with loads of information. Til next time....

What's in a name?

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You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.
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You are also a keeper of knowledge - meaning you don't spill secrets or spread gossip.
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You are a free spirit, and you resent anyone who tries to fence you in.
You are unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising.
You may miss out by not settling down, but you're too busy having fun to care.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sewing and Manual Labor

I didn't get to work on my Orange Crush quilt this weekend but I still sewed. I went over to a friend's house- (her name is Judy) and helped her cut and sew on a quilt she is doing as a giveaway at her family reunion. (She gives a quilt away every year at her family reunion! She puts all the family members names in a hat(the ones that show up that have not won a quilt in the past) and draws a name...Can you imagine! She said her family really look forward to this and she will continue doing this until all of them have a quilt. She is such a good hearted person. Judy is my friend that is a Longarm quilted and she quilted the heart quilt for Steph. We had so much fun together. It's so good to be with friends that share a common interest. We sewed for a while and she decided she needed something from the quilt store. So, I stopped sewing and told her it was a real hardship for me to stop but I would go along to the quilt store with her. We went to the LQS and I found several things I couldn't live without. I didn't get any fabric but I did buy a new gadget called a Halo. It is a circle weighted object. You lay it on your quilt and it aids you in machine quilting. I can't wait to try it. Several of my friends have one and they love them...I'll try it out and let you know. My husband had gone golfing, he called while we were at the quilt store and we met him for lunch. Afterwards, we went back to Judy's and continued working on her quilt. We got about half of the quilt done before I had to leave. It was a fun time and very relaxing too. When we finish the quilt, I'll take a picture and post it...It is part applique and part pieced and it is patriotic.

Sunday, we went over to my oldest son's house and helped him move his fence. He had already dug the holes and put new fence posts in. We just had to take down the existing wooden fence and move it and build new fence too...We worked all day in the good Texas heat and sunshine. It was really hot but we got it done. I put on sunscreen but you sure can't tell it. I look like a lobster today...I'm not sore like I thought I would be but boy, manual labor is really hard! I don't work in the heat and I sure appreciate the people that do!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Pattern from Lynette Anderson

I went to Amanda's blog and she directed me to a giveaway. It's a Redwork giveaway from
Lynette Anderson. Visit her blog here. Great looking patterns and a beautiful dog....Check out her blog and her designs, Lovely!! If you like redwork, you will love her site. Please check it out. Til next time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Step 5 of the OC Mystery

I completed the 20 album blocks. I have the 18 side blocks ready to be sewn and the 4 corners ready too. I'll try to sew those tomorrow. It's coming together.. I'm not sure about the colors but that's what you get when you do a mystery. I'll lay it out and see, maybe I'll be surprised. Pictures soon...til next time.

Working on Step 5 of the OC and the Thomas Quilt

I worked on step 5 of the OC last night. I got the blocks about halfway done. I'll work on them again tonight. I noticed on step 5 there's more to it that just 20 blocks. I have more work to do before I can put together...I don't have to work this weekend so hopefully, I can get the quilt together by then.

I am not real crazy about my colors for step 4 but I'm waiting to see how they work in the whole quilt. I don't want to change out 30 blocks just because it's only so-so. I will make up my mind when it's all laid out.

I also made my block for Saturday. Here is a picture of the 7th block for the Thomas quilt. I refer to this as the Thomas quilt because that is where we are doing this BOM. Thomas Sewing Center in Mesquite, Tx. but this is a Marti Michell BOM that we are doing out of Moda fabra, Shang Ra La ? Not sure of the spelling but love the fabric. til next time....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cutting & Getting ready for projects- Onto step 5 of the OC

I got home last night late after being caught in traffic for 2 hours...I love it when it rains in Texas, no one knows how to drive....what's up with that? I fixed supper and finally was able to get down to important stuff like sewing.

I did sew up the final three blocks on step 4 of my Orange Crush. I can now move onto step 5.

I will cut that out tonight and lay it out too.

I got Stephanie's quilt back Sunday and it looks great. I cut out the strips for the binding and will sew those tonight. Hopefully, I can start binding it tonight and get it finished. I have been looking for a little poem or something special to put on the label but haven't found just the right thing yet. I'll do some more searching today at lunch.

I cut my block out for Saturday. It's now ready to be sewn and I cut my floral fabrics for an exchange we are doing in my small group. I got alot done in a short time last time. Hopefully, I can get home tonight and get more done. I have no committments tonight and nothing on TV so I can get some sewing done...I'll update with pictures tomorrow..hugs

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunday Happenings and Blog Musings

Sunday, I went to church with a long-time friend of mine. I went to Sunday School with her and met several very nice ladies, all different ages. There were women there from high school age to maybe mid 60's. I thought this was quite an age range until we went around the room not introducing ourselves but telling of one of our blessings this week. As it turned out the youngest amongst us was a daughter to one of the ladies in the class coming back from college, not high school and the oldest ended up being a widow. The blessings ranged from being back at home from college and having a safe trip back home to being able to be outside and being able to mow and weed eat one's own yard after a lengthy illness....It was very eye opening and heart opening to hear these simple blessings and a glimpse into these ladies' lives in just a few short moments. My heart was blessed and I felt so welcome. One of the younger ladies then shared something that she had written to celebrate the birth of her child. Her child was now 12 years old but had been saved and baptized the previous week. The lady did not read what she had written but sang what she had written years ago and her voice was so, so sweet. It was such a sweet song that told of a golden haired child in her mother's arms and her Mother being able to share Jesus with her as she grew. The whole room was in tears by the time the song was over. To say the least, it was beautiful. It spoke of a Mother's love for her child wanting to raise her up in a loving, Christian home to be a child of God. Oh, what a sweet, sweet song. I wish I could remember the words so I could share them with you. To say the least, I was blessed to hear the song.
The lesson was about several things. I got alot out of the lesson also but there was one thing I really wanted to share and have thought about it all day yesterday. It was about making a time-line or log of the important things in your life. Yes, you remember them and you remember them now but will you remember them 10 years from now? Maybe, maybe not. I'm talking about the life changing events (your life changing events, not your kid's) of your life. So, like I said, I have thought about this all day and wondered if I really wanted to share so many things with blogland. And I thought, yes, yes I do. And I will tell you what happened after church to make me feel this way.
I went to church with my friend, Mary then we were meeting up with other friends for lunch to celebrate our mutual friend, June's birthday. (Happy Birthday, June...I love you, my friend.) In previous years, we had lunch together on Saturday's -normally the first Saturday cause that's when we all got together for the Saturday $5.00 swap. We all participated in this at one of the LQS. The first month, you buy the block for $5.00 and after that if you bring the finished block back, you get the next block of the month for free. You know what I'm talking about, right? Anyway, there were 4 of us that used to get together and when birthday's rolled around we would treat the birthday girl to lunch. This changed this year because I am now working at a LQS the first Saturday and could not get together that day. All the others still went and participated at the shop while I was working at a different shop. As it turned out, this time was different because it wasn't just the 4 of us but other's had been invited. Only 1 more came out of the other 3 that had been invited. It was a comment that was made by this lady that made me want to list or share what I am talking about (life events). Isn't it funny how things happen? You have no intention of doing something, then one thing leads to another and in an instant, you change your mind. I try to listen or pick up on these little things now because of a life-changing event....Anyway, onto the comment that was made. All the ladies present are quilters (in case you didn't pick up on this) and I'm the only blogger in the group. The birthday girl has been reading my blog and she told the other ladies present about my blog and that she had been reading it and enjoying it. I told them it was about my quilting and grandkids and anything else I wanted to journal about. I told them I had really been enjoying doing it and was i was surprised about this. It's kind of like keeping an open diary to me. The new lady said she didn't really care for blogs, they are kinda like CB Radios. I did tell her that I did the CB radios in the past too and enjoyed those. She didn't elaborate on what she meant but here is what I think she meant....She thinks Blogs are fleeting and you talk to people you don't know and never get to know. That's what I think she was saying by her remarks. She did say if I printed the blog out and kept it in writing, she thought that would work. Hm, how could that be different? Just print it out and keep it in writing makes it different? I totally disagree with that. I share my thoughts and feelings on this blog not just my pictures. I have also made friends through this sharing. There is nothing wrong with not seeing a face to put with the thoughts and feelings. I really think it is harder to put into words on paper what you are feeling than to say it in person. You have to write about how you feel to get the person to understand, they can't see your face or your eyes to know if you are telling the truth. The written word is harder to communicate and get your point across. I hope you know what I'm trying to say. I have been reading blogs for about 5 years now. I don't think they are fleeting or going out of style and I don't by any means think the people that read them can't touch your lives. I have made so many new friendships through this blog. My life has been enriched through this and I will not stop writing until I think it is time to stop.....

Ok, so much for my soapbox of the day, I will start my life-log soon but now now. Have a blessed day....Quilty hugs.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sew Little Time - No Time for Mistakes

Since I finished Stephanie's quilt and it's at the quilter's I thought I would have time to get back to my Orange Crush. I decided to do paper piecing for step 4 instead of using the EZ Angle ruler and I started sewing those tonight. I cut them apart and cut my step 3 apart too. I did some more cutting too for another sample for the shop. I started sewing the sample and didn't realize my thread was screwing up. I sewed 20 blocks. I turned the blocks over and the bottom bobbin thread is all screwed up. Ugh, I just hate it when my machine screws up. When I changed the bobbin and rethreaded the machine after winding some bobbins, I did not get the thread down into the top tension dials or whatever they are called. Now, I have to pull out all that ugly stuff and resew...Ok, I have given up for the night. I will pull out all the thread and get it ready for sewing tomorrow...I never stop with mistakes. Oh well, it's time to rest. Tomorrow is another beautiful day and I will press out all I did tonight and lay out the blocks to see where I am.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stephanie's Graduation Quilt

Not a great picture but here is Stephanie's Graduation Quilt. Just finished putting the borders on it and now it is off to the quilter's. Judy is doing a rush job for me so I can have it this next week to put the binding on. Steph graduates next Saturday. Nothing like waiting til the last minute, huh? I'll put the finished picture on when I give it to her...
I have to say thank you to Saska for putting it on her blog. I saw this and just knew it was the right pattern for Steph...thank you so much Saska for your help on this pattern. Saska's blog is this one and she has some great ideas:

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