Friday, September 30, 2011

The Row By Row Quilt, Some Kaleidoscope blocks and some unexpected visitors!

I forgot to show you these.  I did these Wednesday.  I made these two rows of my Row by Row quilt so now I'm ready for the next month.  I think she's passing us out the rest of the quilt. We have two rows left and the outside border.  This was a little mystery Row by Row that some of the girls in my quilt group did.  I say some because everybody didn't do it.  I think there might have been ten of us and most of them are different.  I used white on white for my background and I really like it.  Nearly everybody else used cream or beige so mine is different from everyone elses.  This has been fun to do and not too overwhelming.  Here are the rows....

A little closeup...September was apples and leaves.  October, the pinwheels represented  chocolate kisses and candy corn.

Here's what I worked on yesterday.  I didn't get these finished. I'll be working on these today and probably over the weekend too.  These are not for me, these are for a friend of mine that does quilting for me.  I'm late in doing these. That was one of my goals for the week, to get caught up on my obligations.  So far, this is the last one and even though I have felt bad, I've accomplished this much at least. 

This stack should make18 blocks and I have more fabric to cut out. Her instructions were to make as many as the fabric would allow.  I cut out two batches yesterday. Each batch makes 9 blocks and I think I have enough fabric for one more batch so I should get this done by the weekend anyway.  I cut 6 strips of each color (4 colors) and sewed together.  Pressed toward the dark and used Best Press on the strips. I LOVE this stuff.  I don't always use starch or steam on my quilting but this pattern recommended steam.  This is just enough to keep my bias edges straight and gives some crispness to the design. It's going together pretty well so far.  After I sewed the strips together and pressed them, then I used a 45 degree ruler to cut out my triangles.  Then you sew them back together and it creates a spider web or as the pattern called it a Kaleidoscope.  Here's what I've got so far:

Last night, I went to bed and my husband stayed up watching TV and playing on the computer.  He heard some noises on the front porch and decided to investigate.  There were three raccoons trying to get into the house...scratching on the door, playing on the porch, running in the yard and my crazy husband went out and took pictures of them before he shooed them away...No way I would have gone out there!  But, here's our night-time visitors.  I guess they were hungry or thirsty but I hope they don't come back tonight....

Ok, I gotta get busy and get something done today. Have a great day/weekend and get some sewing done.   til next time, happy sewing!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

More regular sewing

Yesterday, I had good intentions... I was going to sew all day,  but that didn't happen.  I've been sick all week and yesterday was the worst.  I made the mistake of laying down on the couch and yep, you guessed it, that's what I did most of the day.  I slept and slept. My thinking was if I just laid down for a few minutes, I'd get up refreshed or feeling better and then I'd get busy. Not!  I got up and had some soup and crackers and laid down again.  I didn't become coherent until around 6:00. I got up and cut out a dress and started sewing.  My goal for the week was to see both of my sisters, have supper with a friend and get some sewing done.  I have done a little sewing and that's it.  I haven't been anywhere since I've had this darn bug but I haven't wanted to go anywhere and spread it around either.  I still want to visit my sisters but that's going to have to wait.  I still have congestion, a sore throat and a runny nose but I'm feeling lots better. Maybe by the weekend I'll be better.  I have made at least one item a day this week and yesterday was not exception.  I cut out the dress (a very simple dress, no zipper or buttons-it slips over the head)  and sewed it up. I'm wearing it now and it's pretty comfortable.  I wanted something like this so I could take it to retreat.  Some of the women wear their jammies and come back and sew late at night but I can wear this instead and still feel dressed.   Anyway, gotta go for now and get busy.  I'm behind on my schedule... til next time, happy sewing!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A few fun finishes

I have been sewing and I've been making fun things. I like to make quick things so I can get that instant gratification of finishing something. Well, here are the things I've worked on over the weekend and got done.

I did finish sewing up my OBW top but haven't trimmed it or put the outside borders on it but I will and when I do, I'll show it to you...Come back later to see that!

I went to the Plano Quilt show earlier in the year and one of the things I came away with was a pattern and kit for this cute little bear. If you read my blog, you will know that I love bears and this one was so sweet, I just had to make him. I still have to put a bow around his neck, but I just haven't stopped long enough to go get any ribbon. This is made out of Minky and he is really soft. He went together really quickly but he sure made a mess going together. This stuff sheds! Wow, this is the first time I've sewn with this and it was messy. I had to get my sticky lint cleaner wand out and clean it off about 4 times before I got rid of all the fuzz. But, I think he's worth cute!

Then, I made him a little friend.....another rag doll. I like her alot. I have to make another one too but I need special fabric for her. 

Doesn't she look happy? I think that's what I'll name this one....Say hello to Happy!

This pattern is off of Beth's blog, Love Laugh Quilt....

A few weeks ago, Joann's had a sale on Simplicity patterns and I picked up a pincushion pattern. This is the first one out of this pattern. I think it has about 7 or 8 different little pincushions but this was the one I really wanted to make. I think the owl turned out really cute. He stands about 5 inches tall and is filled with crushed Walnut shells so he feels really stable. Onto the next project.....

After Mr. Owl, I finished up a bag I had in the works. I had sewn this together some time ago but I had put it aside to work on other things. I put the pockets on the lining and made the straps and the closure and finally this project is 99% complete. When I go to get ribbon for my bear, I'll pick up a pretty big Fall button to finish off this cute bag. This is a gift for one of my sisters and I hope she'll like it..... I made this out of placemats.

Yesterday, I was going through my sewing room looking for quick things to make to get out of the way....I ran across a pair of socks and decided to make another stuffed animal. I finished him off this morning. I made one of these for both of my boys when they were little and I made one for my other grandkids, so I just had to make one for my newest grandbaby Carmen. She likes her Mr. Monkey...

Now, I'm working on my Row by Row quilt. I did one row and now onto my next one. I'll show you both of those in my next post. I'll be caught up with this and ready for next month...

I'm hoping to get all of my projects caught up this week. I've taken the week off and I'm sewing like crazy. I was going to my sister's today but I have the crud and don't want to spread it around. That still doesn't stop me from sewing so I'm going to get as much done as I can. Today is my birthday and I'm not going to slow down just because I'm older and sick!!! Ok, got to go so I can stay busy. I'll post more later. Til next time, happy sewing!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

What a week!

This has been a very hectic but fun week.  Every night has been busy and I've had things to do or meetings to go to.  I went to my small group meeting Thursday night and it was alot of fun.  If you want to see what my quilt group is up to, go to my other blog-the Sew What's on the side of my blog, you'll see a link.  We are a very productive group and have alot of fun together.

Friday night, I went and sewed with some friends at the church. I worked on my One Block Wonder and got alot of it done.  I only had a few rows left to do by the time I headed home....Lots of progress.  I got up this morning and finished sewing the last 4 rows into rows.  I have worked on it today and am now sewing the rows together.  This quilt will be beautiful when it's finished...Here's how it looked this afternoon with all the rows made....

I worked on it a little tonight and am sewing the rows together now to complete the top.  I hope to have this one all sewn together by next week.  

 I stopped and worked on another little quilt this afternoon too.  It was my Snowman quilt.  I don't know if you remember or not, but I made 20 snowmen.  2 different snowmen but 10 of each....I was participating in a swap with 9 other ladies and they also made 2 different snowmen each and we swapped.  One lady couldn't make it to the sew day to swap, so I can't complete the quilt until I get her snowmen blocks.  I had been thinking about how I wanted to put the quilt together and just couldn't decide.  I thought about it quite a bit.  The pattern calls for 8 Tree blocks (I made the tree blocks today) and 28 alternate blocks.  Some of the girls have made their other blocks.  One made log cabins (that's what the pattern suggested), and two others made a 9 patch variation block.  All of these looked good but I was still having trouble deciding, until yesterday.....I went into the new Joann's store and found the solution.  Yes, that's right, we have a brand new Joann's store right in my very town!  Woo Hoo!!!! I am so excited!  Anyway, let me continue....I went to the new Joann's and found the perfect fabric for this little quilt.  I was willing to make blocks but I didn't want to take away from the cute snowmen blocks. I found this fabric and I just had to get it.  I cut the fabric up and I'm using it for the alternating blocks.  I'm not even making anything, just the fabric and I love it.  Here it is and here are the cute blocks too....

See??!  Didn't I tell you it was cute fabric?  I'm leaving it unsewn until I get the last two blocks and then I'll put it back up on the design wall and decide if this is how I want to put it together.  Well, that's what I did today.  I didn't finish anything but got a lot further along on both projects.  Hopefully, these will be done sometime soon.  I really enjoyed working on these projects today.  I have some other cute things to work on tomorrow after church, so please come back and see me soon. Til next time.....happy sewing.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Dolly for Carmen

Last Monday, I cut out a little doll for Carmen.  Brittney helped me with it.  Brittney doesn't know how to sew but wants to...I explained the steps to her and she embroidered the eyes and mouth onto the doll.  She stuffed the doll and I sewed it up. It was alot of fun to work with her and make this little dolly.  Our next "lesson" will be to teach her how to use the sewing machine.  Here's the dolly that we made.  The directions for the Rag Doll came from Beth's blog-Love Laugh Quilt. I want to make some more little dollies too but haven't had the chance to do it this week....Maybe Sunday afternoon, I can sew up some more...

Here's our dolly and Carmen loves her:

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend with family and friends

I had a wonderful weekend with grandkids and sewing friends too.  My DH has been out of town and I played all weekend!   I went on Saturday and hung out with my buddies. We worked on our One Block Wonder quilts.  Four of us were doing this quilt and we met at my friend Sharon's house. She had made some design walls for us and we set about putting up our OBW blocks.  I got mine all laid out and then we started moving the blocks around. It took at least a good hour to play with the blocks before I was happy with the setting.  My friend, Bev, helped me pin the rows together to take home with me to sew together.  Thanks, Bev, for all your great help!  You were a lifesaver! 
I would show you some pics, but my sweet husband took my camera with him. I took some pics with my cell phone but they aren't very good...very blurry, so when my DH returns, I'll post some pics. 

I spent the day with my friends doing my OBW, then helping them do theirs.  It was alot of fun.  We also did our snowman swap. I got back 16 different snowmen.  One girl didn't come and we will get her blocks soon.  I have to make 5 tree blocks and 20 or 24 alternating blocks to put the quilt together.  I'll show you the snowmen when my camera comes back home.
We went to lunch together at Posada's Mexican restaurant, it was great. An older gentleman brought me and Dee an ice cream dessert and sang happy birthday to us.  This is our birthday month and we were given fat quarters, cards and I also got a cute little mug rug.  Lots of goodies to celebrate.

I got home and had a package from Amazon. I ordered the Farmer's Wife quilt book and it was there along with a collector Barbie doll I bought too.  (These were gifts to myself for my upcoming birthday, or at least that's what I told myself.)   I started sewing on my OBW and have sewn together 6 of the 22 rows so far. I'll try to sew more this week.
On Sunday, I went to church with my kids and grandkids, then took the grandkids to lunch so my son and DIL could have a luncheon at their church.  Me and the grands ate barbeque and came home and watched The Ghost and Mr. Chicken with Don Knotts.  Wow, it brought back memories of when I was a kid!  It was a full weekend and I had a great day with friends and family. It took my mind off of missing my DH for awhile.  He'll be back Tueday night and I'll miss Tatting with the girls to go pick him up from the airport.  He's been gone a week and I'm ready for him to be home.  I'll post more tomorrow and tell you about my day today.  I want to post pics as soon as I can so please come back and see what I did on Monday!  til next time.....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend sewing

Woo, what a weekend!  Shopping and more shopping...

Saturday was supposed to be a sew day for me. I planned on sewing in the afternoon and I wanted to get so much done.  Well, I never sewed on Saturday.  My DH is going on a trip this week and he wanted to go buy some new clothes and shoes to go on his trip.  He told me we would only be gone a few hours...That didn't happen.  This man is a shopaholic!  He's always loved to shop and he does all of our shopping for us.  I don't have to shop unless I want to.  We were gone all day Saturday until I told him I wouldn't go any further. My feet hurt and I wasn't going to walk around and look or shop for anything else!  I was exhausted!    We came home and I didn't even look at my sewing machine! 

Sunday afternoon, I was able to do a little bit of my sewing.  I got all of my OBW blocks done, now to press and they'll be ready for next Saturday. I haven't counted but I know there are more than 100 blocks!  Lots of sewing but it will be worth it!

Yesterday, I worked on some snowmen blocks.  I had to do 20 blocks, 10 of 2 different snowmen.  My small group(there are 10 of us) is having another exchange.  (Our last swap was the cupcake swap.)I've had the snowmen put on fabric for awhile but I had to decide how to decorate or dress them.  I got my snowmen dressed. I put their hats and scarves on and did a blanket stitch around them.  Now, I'm working on the hand stitching part, putting their eyes, smiles and arms on....these are so cute. I'm still working on this part and will be finished by Wednesday or Thursday night.  I did 4 of these while watching TV last night.  I enjoy the hand stitching part but it does take time. The exchange is taking place Saturday...We will  have 20 different snowmen for our quilt when we exchange.  I can't wait to see everyone's snowmen.  This quilt will be so cute when it's done!  I didn't have time to take pics yesterday but I will take some tonight and I'll take alot Saturday when we have our get together....

I hope everyone got to spend some family time this weekend.  We did a little with our kids but both my boy's families had kids running fever so we didn't do much.  Nothing too serious with either family but enough to keep the kids quiet and indoors and away from everyone else.   

My husband is going to his 40th High School reunion this week up in Seattle, Washington. He is really excited and looking forward to seeing old friends.  I could not take off work at this time so I'm staying home and you know what I'll be doing every night???

 I know I'll miss him but maybe I can get my sewing room straightened up ,do the dolls that I wanted to and maybe I can get some quilting done too.  Time will tell...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My winners....

Thanks for entering and celebrating my milestone. Here are the lucky ladies from my giveaway.  Please send me your addresses and I will forward your prizes to you.

  Here's Kelli's prize:

A great book, washable quilt markers, a new Frixion marker (removes with ironing) and  a little red value finder.

Here's Winona's prize:

A great book (one of my favorites), quilt markers (these have to be washed out), the new Frixion pen (iron this one out) and some Thimble Its to protect her fingers.

Have a great weekend and I hope you get lots of sewing done.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday night sewing with friends, Pick 4 Giveaway, My Giveaway and weekend sewing coming up!

Last night, I went over to the church and sewed and hung out with my friends. I took along my OBW to work on and got alot farther along on sewing all the blocks.  I think I might have twenty blocks left to sew now.  I'll be ready for next weekend by this afternoon, I hope.... It was fun to see all my friends and see what they were working on.  I try to take something with me that's easy to sew or work on because I just can't concentrate and have fun visiting at the same time.  These OBW blocks were just the trick....I'll lay this out on my design wall later for you to have a sneak peek but I won't be putting these together until next weekend when we all get together and play with the layout of the blocks... 

Yesterday was also the last day of the Pick tour but you still have time to enter the giveaways on some of the blogs participating in this book review/drawing.  Go here (Sue's blog) and you will see a list of all the blogs you can still enter...So far, I haven't won any of the drawings but I've still got my fingers crossed.  Believe me, it's been really hard to do things with them crossed too!   Anyway, hurry over to the other blogs and comment or follow them to win this great book.  Good luck to you....

Before you go though,  comment on my blog a few posts back,( here's a  link to get you there quicker)  I'm having a drawing for my followers. Today is the last day to sign up.  I was going to show you what you would win but everyone seems to like a surprise so I'll just keep that to myself until the drawing.  I'll show you what you win before I package it up and mail it off.  Now, go comment on my blog to win some surprises. Be sure and let me know where you live, I'm just interested to see where everybody is from, no big deal...just curious.

I don't have the grandbaby today but my DH is off today. We are going to go do a little shopping then I'll be back to work on several items this afternoon.  I want to finish my OBW blocks, I have some naked snowmen to dress (very sexy, I'll show you those later too!) and I have a very cute stuffed doll to make for two wonderful granddaughters.  Beth over at Love Laugh Quilt posted a tutorial of a rag doll she made that I just can't resist making. She just keeps calling my name.  I saw her yesterday and dreamed about her last night.  Since little Carmen isn't with me today, I'll have time to go to my sewing room and pick some cute fabrics for her a sweet dolly.  I can't make just one as I have two sweet granddaughters.  Alayna is six , so her dolly will need to be a little bit more sophisticated, I'll have to really work on hers.  And, I love dolls too, so I'll be making a third one for me!  Oh well, I'm just a big kid at heart.  I have big plans for today so I have to get busy, have a good day sewing and being with family. Come back and see what I've done later and I'll be drawing tomorrow morning for my winner so stay tuned for that.   Happy Labor Day!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I won The American Patchwork book drawing. Pick 4 and enter my 200+ Drawing!

I'm so excited. Pauline from Meemaw loves to Quilt emailed me and told me I won her drawing!  Woo hoo, what a way to start the day!  I posted about this earlier in the week and am so excited about it.  Thanks, Pauline! 

Don't forget the Pick 4 drawing, this is Day 9. You have today and tomorrow to get in on the drawings...Go check out Trudie over at Happy Daize for today's review. 

And, don't forget, I'm having a drawing for my followers too.  In my previous post on August 30th, (2 posts away) go leave me a comment that you want in on the drawing to celebrate my 200+ Followers and tell me where you are from.  It's that easy.  I'll take entries until Saturday and Sunday, I'll pull a winner.  Come back Friday, and you'll see what you will be winning! Good luck and go comment, please.

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